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You and Your Wedding,  the UK’s top-selling bridal magazine, have come up with their Top Ten Rules for Wedding Dress Shopping  - and by and large the sales girls at Tickled Pink here in Doncaster, are right on side. This is their advice :

1) Do your research first. BUT we say, also listen to advice from our girls, we have nearly thirty years experience in looking after some ten thousand brides to back us up.

2) Think about price. YES, BUT don’t forget, until you start seriously looking and discovering what suits you best, you won’t know where to start as regards price.

3) Keep the numbers down. WE TOTALLY AGREE. Too many opinions from friends and relatives can be confusing.

4) Alterations charges are usually extra . Yes there are charges, BUT Our Tickled Alterations  Experts, are trained to make wedding dresses too, so they know the best way to get a fabulous fit.

5) Don’t try on the whole shop. GOOD ADVICE. Too many dresses, and  the Bride will get confused and too tired to make a sound decision.

6) Only order when certain. GOOD ADVICE AGAIN. Your Order is a Contract with the retailer, who then places an order with a supplier, again forming a legally binding contract. It’s totally different from buying  high street fashion where you can usually return goods.

7) Are you expecting to change shape ? Discuss it with the shop first. It’s quite normal for this question to come up, so discuss it with the Tickled Pink girls and  then agree the best way forward.

8) Wear “sensible” underwear. WHAT WE SAY IS – choose the foundation garments that you plan to wear under your dress, whether sensible or sensational . Also, don’t forget to decide on your heel height too, so the dress length can be decided upon.

9) Don’t wear fake tan or heavy make-up. THIS IS PRETTY CRUCIAL ADVICE. You’ll find most shops will ask you to get into the dress with a chiffon headscarf over your head to protect the dress. Fake tan and  make-up are a devil to get off such lovely fabrics.

10) Call Ahead. YES PLEASE, EVERY TIME. At Tickled Pink, we book out Personal Time for every bride. The only other way to do it, is to have a Waiting Area in the shop, with every client holding a number – just like  at the Deli counter in the supermarket. It can make for an interesting  visit, but it can also be very time-consuming. Our number 01302 842234 extn 20. Happy shopping !



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It’s  that glorious Sale Time again as Tickled Pink of Hatfield enters the new year with some sparkling bargains, as we continue to refresh our  inspiring range of wedding dresses and accessories. Bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother of-the-bride fashion and accessories. New 2015 styles arriving now, mean that some of our lovely in-stock dresses have to find new homes. It’s certainly worth a visit, so why not call our girls on 01302 842234 extn 20 for your Appointment.

While you are there check out the Mens Formal Hire outfits. Remember, we carry our own  stock of hirewear, so everything you try and on reserve for your wedding is exactly what you get for the Big Day. Have you a colour scheme  in mind ? – it’s so convenient for matching up all round.


Best wishes  to everyone for 2015 from the Tickled Pink Team.

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It’s festive time again so we’re taking a short break, but will be open on the morning of December 23rd, closed 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and Sunday 28th. Open again Monday 29th and 30th.

Closed New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and then back to normal (ish) January 2nd and Saturday 3rd.

Enjoy yourselves and we’ll be be there bright and chirpy ready to welcome  2015 brides and grooms, and their lovely mums and dads.

Don’t forget, it’s so easy to travel to us, we’re close to the M18, there’s free parking nearby and  a nice cafe and pub within yards of us. Call on 01302 842234, for your personal appointment.

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New laws come into effect on March 2nd 2015 increasing the Period of  Notice required for a wedding or civil ceremony from the current 15 days, to a new  period of 28 days. The Home Office will have powers to increase this to 70 days. It follows evidence of widescale fraud using sham weddings to gain UK citizenship, and allows the authorities much longer to conduct investigations.

So if you are planning a superquick wedding -you’ll have to hurry up !

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Did you know? – there’s a website dedicated to exposing the fraudulent methods of the many crooks operating over the internet offering so-called bargain wedding dresses. “brides beware” is the name of the site and so far it has recorded an amazing 12,500 “likes” on it’s facebook page. The site is supported by the genuine manufacturers and retailers in the UK, such as Tickled Pink, who offer cast iron guarantees on quality, delivery and financial security. Luckless brides hoping for a cut-price dress have been receiving  shoddy goods, terrible copies  of  top name labels, dresses the wrong colour, wrong size  and sometimes nothing at all. Beware also of a favourite trick where the dresses looks a bargain but the delivery charges and packing amount to hundreds of pounds extra. One unfortunate bride was sent her dress in a box no bigger than a pizza carton ! Put your trust in an established bricks-and-mortar retailers, preferably a member of the Retail Bridalwear Association.

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A huge Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who came to our fantastic three-day Maggie Sottero  Designer Day Event.  Many found their dream dress and it’s worth remembering that although we are probably the biggest Maggie stockist in The North, we can also  have other styles couriered in on loan, as long as brides agree to pay the carriage charges. This is refunded should the bride order her dress from Tickled Pink.

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The UK’s top-selling bridal label, Maggie Sottero in partnership with Tickled Pink of Hatfield Doncaster are holding a three day event on Friday October 30, Saturday and Sunday November 1st and 2nd, bringing all their 2015 top styles for brides to try on and make their choice.  Tickled Pink has one of the biggest selections of “Maggie” dresses in the country and we are constantly updating and refreshing the range to ensure everything is “current”.  By the way, Maggie Sottoero was a real person who set up her own wedding dress shop in Australia and expanded , eventually worldwide. The business is now it’s third generation.

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Wedding Dress Planning for 2015

Just back from the September Bridal Trade Show in Harrogate, after choosing some fabulous bridal styles for 2015. The trend is for greater sophistication, but still with the elegance of fine lace. Tickled Pink rails will be stocked up with the very latest designs from our favourites suppliers – that’s Maggie Sottero, Ronald Joyce, Ellis and Romantica. Veni Infantino  Ronald Joyce Chief Designer tells us. “Brides are looking for greater sophistication and still with an eye on value for their money. I design for impact.” Bridesmaids colours ? Well that’s a bit of an evolution, and some soft pastels to put together.  One supplier  told us “Look out for peacock blue”.

Talking about peacocks -our Mens Hire side is investing heavily in some  knock-out fabrics in tails, lounge suits and waistcoats. Don’t forget -what you try on what what you wear for the wedding. With  some five hundred suits ready to try on, it’s got to be a perfect fit.

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Wedding Dresses and Occasionwear all half price in our Sensational Summer Sale.

If you are looking for a bargain, we have wedding dresses in the latest styles, and fabulous mother of the bride  outfits, dresses and two-pieces. all our famous names. Give our girls a call on 01302 842234 extn 20 and have chat. There’s nothing to lose and  hundreds of pounds to gain !

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We’re having one of our regular  ”freshening up” sales where we offer  lovely dresses from our range of Maggie Sottero, Romantica and Ellis dresses for immediate purchase at bargain prices. ~ Why not check them out  with Tickled Pink Manageress Shelly and her cheerful team of girls. It’s all part of our plan to ensure that all our ranges are totally up-to-date, and the dresses we offer in the Sale are  fresh-as-a-daisy as well.

There’s Ellis and Ian Stuart fashion outfits and bridesmaids dresses too.

Call on 01302 842234 extn 20

Don’t forget  that Tickled Pink’s Mens Hire Department run by Tracey is THE place for the latest  styles and colours.

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